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Admission help Prices, Discounts, Add-Ons, and Bonuses

If you want to know the price for your paper, you need to visit the Order Page and fill out the form. You will see an online price calculator that will display the sum in the real-time. No hidden charges or additional fees are required! You will know the full price before confirming the order.

As such, all prices for papers are charged individually. They depend on:

  • Number of pages (one page = 250 words)
  • Academic level (high school, college, university)
  • Deadline (minimum of three hours)
  • Work type (writing, editing, rewriting, etc.)
  • Writer (Top, Advanced, Basic)
  • Add-on features (optional)

We kindly ask you to provide accurate information when filling the form. As such, make sure to include the right academic level, because the tone, style, and expertise of your content will heavily depend on it. Also, if you want to save money, you are recommended to order papers ahead. While we are ready to deal with your project in a couple of hours, this will cost you significantly more than a paper with lower urgency.

Amazing savings

There are several savings options at EssayNow:

  • One-time discounts

If this is your first order, make sure to find a promo code on the main page of the website and apply it when sending your request. Cannot find one? No worries, give us a call and ask for a promo code (if your paper costs more than $30). Also, if you have a large project to order ($500 and $1000), you will get 5% and 10% off. Be aware that discounts cannot be accumulated. If you request a refund, discounts are not considered either.

  • Bonus program

Regular customers are welcome to enjoy a beneficial Loyalty Program we have established for them. We want you to stay with us for long, so here is an excellent motivation! Get a 10% bonus every time you place an order. Accumulate these points and convert them into cash to pay for your next papers! With this Program, you will get high-quality academic content for prices that are lower than anywhere. Stay with us and earn money when ordering papers. This is possible with only.

Additional services you will definitely like

  • Plagiarism report – $9.99

We will prove that your paper is 100% unique.

  • VIP Support – $14.99

This service makes your order the first priority for us. Fast response, SMS notifications about the progress, and special attention guaranteed.

  • Abstract page – $14.99

A brief and clear explanation of the main points.

  • Preferred writer – $14.99

Do you have a favorite writer at EssayNow? Hire him/her again!

  • Editor’s check – $14.99

The most important papers need a double-check from an editor. Get one and rest assured that your work is polished.

  • Sources – $4.99 per one

Receive the sources in .pdf, .doc, .jpg, and other formats.

  • Charts – $9.99

Make your paper look truly professional – ask your writer to add the charts.

  • Outline – $9.99

Headings, chapters, and parts of your paper listed properly.